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Review: Five of the Best Cocktails at Head of Steam, Cardiff

Review: Head of Steam, Cardiff {Cardiff Food & Drink} New craft ale bar Head of Steam officially opened its doors on Church Street, Cardiff, last Monday. Head of Steam have a number of bars throughout the UK, but this is their first in Wales. I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening night and as I didn't fancy a beer, I stuck to cocktails. Here's my review of five of the best on the menu. Espresso Martini (£6.95)  Made with fresh espresso, the caffeine loaded, post-dinner pick me up is a drink I always go for. (Origin of the drink, if you didn't know, is that a customer at Soho Brasserie in London asked for something that would 'wake me up and f**k me up'...and so the glorious espresso martini was born). Beautifully rich and indulgent - Head of Steam use a generous shot of Absolut Vanilla in their recipe which added a touch more sweetness to this silky smooth classic. Peanut Butter Old Fashioned (£6.95)  Whisky isn’t really my thing a

Review: Maria's Greek Meze Bar Taverna

Review: Maria's Greek Taverna {Cardiff Restaurants/Food and Drink} I've never been to Greece, nor had I ever even been to a Greek restaurant until this year. So I was even more excited about eating out than usual when I set off on a sunny walk with my friend Soph to try out Maria's Greek Taverna, on Crwys Road in Cardiff. I know that cooking and eating are a huge part of Greek culture, especially embracing the concept of sharing food with family and friends. Meal times are a relaxed, social affair and this was present in the atmosphere - by half past 6 the restaurant was buzzing, filled with groups of friends catching up. Maria's two sons opened this restaurant with the idea of having the main dishes based on traditional Greek recipes Maria has always cooked for the family.  "I bet those are real family photos in the frames" I said to Soph, who wasn't entirely convinced. I was pleased to be proved right as later on we got talking to

Review: The Admiral St David (St David's Hotel, Cardiff Bay)

Review: The Admiral at Voco St David's, Cardiff Bay {Cardiff Restaurants} Working in the centre of town, I do tend to find myself drifting towards the same chains of restaurants when I go out for food. Summer is the perfect time to stretch the legs and it's my goal to walk more and try new places, venturing outside of my restaurant-comfort zone. I've also started making more of an effort to pop down to Cardiff Bay, which is such a vibrant part of Cardiff, especially when the sun is shining and the sea is sparkling! I took my mum to sample the menu at The Admiral St David last week, which is pictured above, based in the five star St David's hotel. Welsh 75 (Brecon gin, elderflower, lemon, sugar, Champagne - £12.95) Twisted cocktails menu! A great selection of rum cocktails were also available. We were seated beside the window with a spectacular view of the bay, and received a very warm welcome from the staff (quick mention - Kat and Katarina were t