A Little Interview with Return of the Mac, Cardiff

Review: Return of the Mac, Cardiff {Local Business}

return of the mac mac and cheese cardiff delivery

Return of the Mac offer delicious tubs of mac and cheese delivered throughout Cardiff, at £5 each or 5 for £20.  Delivery is £1.50, but free over £15. They keep in the fridge for up to 5 days. 5 star hygiene rating. Also available for pop ups, weddings, events and private hire. Full information or to order, drop a message on Instagram or Facebook , or call 07747571268.

return of the mac mac and cheese cardiff deliveryreturn of the mac mac and cheese cardiff delivery

Little Cardiff Blog: Good afternoon, good sir. Thank you kindly for these delicious mac and cheese samples. So let's start at the beginning. What got you into the macaroni cheese business?

Return of the Mac: A few things really. I’ve always liked cheese, but after living in Melbourne where the food scene is incredible, I used to visit a place called @milkthecowmelb which matched different cheese to alcohol and my love for cheese grew! I then got stuck in a boring office job and I spent my free time cooking. A colleague suggested I started a “lunch club” where I would send an email out saying what I was going to make that week and then people would tell me if they wanted it - it started off as a couple members of my team and at one point I was bringing in lunch for 20+ people! I used to make all sorts of things from beef stew and dumplings to chicken and chorizo and jambalaya, but the favourite amongst my colleagues was my mac and cheese! I finally decided to quit and start my own venture, so naturally cheese was where I saw my future, and I went with what the people wanted!

return of the mac mac and cheese cardiff delivery
THE LOCK STOCK - Smokey cheese sauce with chorizo and pancetta. My number one!! Just the right amount of cheese, not too sickly or overwhelmingly cheesy. For me a box is two portions but I managed to eat it all at once....

LCB: Would you ever consider making a mac dish without cheese or a cheese dish without mac?

ROTM: I recently made a vegan version which I tested on my guinea pig Jay, who is a real life vegan, so I guess you could class that as a mac dish without cheese! It went down well though I have a few more tweaks to make to get it perfect, which I haven’t got round to doing, but I’ve lined up my next guinea pig who has agreed to sample and critique. I hope to then release it for sale with the rest of my menu as I appreciate the vegan community is fast growing!

As for a cheese dish without mac, cheese is life so yes anything with cheese in is a winner with me!! Love a grilled cheese 😍

return of the mac mac and cheese cardiff delivery
KEVIN AND PERI PERI - Peri peri cheese and peri peri chicken!! Insane! Love the top layer of hot melted cheese and the spiciness :)

LCB: What is your favourite takeaway in Cardiff? (other than your own, don't be vain)

ROTM: I’m not actually much of a takeaway person, I much prefer to dine out than order in! I also don’t really have a favourite as it would depend on what cuisine I’m after. I suppose if I had to pick it would be the @gatewayofindia1 Indian food in Rhiwbina, it’s not like your normal Indian takeaway though as you receive your food cold, seems strange but I’m yet to taste better Indian takeaway food in Cardiff even if it’s served hot! You get the option of heating it up in the microwave or the oven, and the food is banging. The only thing I’d say is I find they make everything spicier than most Indians, so I usually go a little milder if I order here. I’d highly recommend the non-vegetarian thali for £13.95 and despite the small price tag I can assure you it’s plenty for two to share, you get starter, rice, naan and 3 curries. And my favourite thing from G.O.I - the chicken pakoras!!

return of the mac mac and cheese cardiff delivery
THE DABA DEE - Blue cheese sauce with pancetta and blue cheese crumbles. Lovely creamy sauce and nice texture combinations on this one. 

LCB: If I was to tell you this interview was a trap and I plan to murder you right now after bringing you one final meal, cooked by top chefs, what would you go for? Starter, main and dessert?*

ROTM: Baked Camembert to start with fresh homemade bread and chutney. For main I want an A5 wagyu steak with chips AND dauphinois plus minted peas, sous vide carrots and a beef dripping/peppercorn sauce. Dessert would be a cheeseboard - not bothered about the crackers just give me as many different types of cheese and make sure there’s a smoked goats cheese in there somewhere. x

*just to clarify - no one got hurt in the making of this interview, other than my stomach somewhat after eating solely mac and cheese for 2 days straight (worth it).

return of the mac mac and cheese cardiff delivery
The Desperarado - Cheddar cheese sauce with beef chilli and nacho topping. Wasn't sure if I'd like these toppings with mac and cheese but it was really tasty. Follow their insta to keep up to date with special offers or one off flavours.


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