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Review: The Newly Refurbished Bill's, Mill Lane, Cardiff

Review: Bill's, Mill Lane, Cardiff {Cardiff Restaurants} {Disclosure - we were invited to review in return for our coverage} Link to the dinner menu Bills at Mill Lane has had a fresh refurb. It had never crossed my mind that it needed one, but as soon as I stepped in, it was clear that it was long overdue! Even just from the outside, the flowers make it more inviting and on entering you’re instantly hit with how much more modern and vibrant the space is. With all of the quirky touches bringing more character to the venue, I think people will feel more relaxed here with the new comfy seats and splashes of bright colour. I never even noticed before that there are booths near the back, on one side of the restaurant, they look so intimate and cosy and would be amazing for a date night. Before even mentioning the food, I want to mention that the service was impeccable here and everyone was so warm and attentive! I love to ask the people who work there what thei

Review: Calendar Girls at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff

Review: Calendar Girls at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff {Cardiff Theatre and Shows} (Calendar Girls poster at Cardiff Central station I snapped a pic of) The promotional imagery for everything "Calendar Girls" has always put the nudity at the forefront. You can't really blame the marketing team - a giant poster featuring multiple naked bottoms parading around a field of sunflowers incites a double take in most people I'm sure - but nakedness really is a tiny part of the story. An inspiring tale based on true events, it is a lot more than a fluffy show about middle-aged women getting their kit off and hiding their bits behind currant buns. I saw the film a fair few years ago and can recall becoming quickly engrossed in the story, with memories of getting that teary-eyed warm and fuzzy feeling by the time the credits rolled. So with that in mind, I settled down in my seat at the Wales Millennium Centre, pleasantly full from the chicken dinner and pancak