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Review: Kinky Boots at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff

Review: Kinky Boots at the Wales Millennium Centre - {Cardiff Theatre and Shows} I decided not to even look up the plot of Kinky Boots, never mind read others' reviews, because I wanted to go in blind and have no expectations. Literally all I knew when I plonked my butt on the seat was that it featured some fabulous drag queens and a very red pair of thigh high, heeled boots. Me and Lisa with Toyan Thomas-Brown and Joshua Lovell, who played two of the Angels. Lisa wearing THOSE boots! From the promo images I'd anticipated a much bigger, more dramatic story, but it’s actually a simple tale, loosely based on a true story. Charlie Price works in his father's shoe factory in Northampton which manufactures solely (heh) rather drab looking men's shoes. His father dies, leaving Charlie to run the factory, which isn't doing very well as there's a lot of people in town selling the same boring shoes for less money. Times are tough and Charlie needs to