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Review: Annie at the Wales Millennium Centre

Review: Annie at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff {Cardiff Theatre/Shows/Things to Do} When I stepped into the Wales Millennium Centre on my way to see  Annie , it was the busiest and most bustling I'd ever experienced it! As a musical running during school holidays with children leading the cast, it was to be expected I suppose. I've heard of the musical and film from years ago (have never seen either!) and know it's an award-winning a smash hit, but I didn't know it was still as popular as this!  Set in the 1930s, Annie is the story of an 11 year old girl living in an orphanage in New York. It's not the nicest of places, to say the least - she and the other orphans are scrubbing the floors all the time, surviving on 'hot mush' for every meal and worst of all, have to put up with a horrendous guardian who should definitely not be in charge of looking after one child, never mind a whole troupe of them.  Craig Revel Horwood was unrecog

Review: The Customs Shed at Novotel Cardiff

Review: The Customs Shed at Novotel Cardiff {Cardiff Food & Drink} (Invited to dine in return for social content) The Customs Shed   is located in the Novotel Cardiff, just a ten minute walk from central station. I think more people need to know about this place - it’s underrated and such a good choice if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre for some tasty food.  My friend Sophie (and dining partner for this meal, along with Sabrina ) commented in her post recently that people tend to regard hotel restaurants as dull and uninspiring. The use of local products and ingredients teamed with the relaxed, trendy decor here definitely set it apart from that general perception.  I liked the bright, airy setting and the high ceilings. Tables are quite far apart from each other, so if you work nearby you can have some space, bring your laptop and have a bite to eat on one of the comfy armchairs and sofas. Also would work well for an inform