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Review: Personalised name necklace in rose gold by Caitlin Minimalist

girl wearing rose gold personalised dainty name necklace

Since December last year I’ve been sporadically googling ‘name necklace uk’ ‘dainty name necklace’ ‘rose gold personalised name necklace’ and other variations, on a quest to find the perfect little necklace with my name on it. Bit like the one Carrie wore in Sex and the City. I'd ordered one online last year, but it just didn't match the image I had of what I wanted in my head. The tone of the rose gold looked cheap, it was too chunky and it was swiftly returned back to Amazon.

I looked around a bit more and found that every necklace with a seller based in the UK either had a strange font or was far too garish. It’s such a simple idea for a piece of jewellery, I was shocked at how hard it was to find a good one!

I stumbled across Caitlyn Minimalist’s Etsy shop a couple of months ago. She’s based in the US, so it meant £15 delivery and I was reluctant to pay it, on top of the necklace (it was in the sale when I paid, down to £24 I think!). But her custom made jewellery looked absolutely perfect and just what I was looking for. I knew it would take a while to arrive, so I took the plunge and bought one a few weeks ago.

I was so nervous when it finally arrived, but I was relieved to see it was just what I wanted. Delicate chain and a gorgeous tone to the rose gold. I chose the font called 'dainty', but there are a list of about 50 you can pick from, for all of her pieces. I did imagine it a teeny bit smaller than it came out, but I quickly decided I like this size as well, it isn't too large by any means. I get a lot of compliments on it and wear it all the time :)

I went for rose gold but you can also get sterling silver or pay a bit extra for 18K gold. 

girl wearing rose gold personalised dainty name necklace

Christmas is creeping up on us and I think one of these would make a really thoughtful, unique gift. Really happy with how it turned out and would definitely buy from Caitlyn again.
name necklaces name ring name earrings personalised

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