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Top Local Bakers in Cardiff

I've neglected my blog for a while and now I find myself in a certain predicament (unable to post on Instagram for at least a week - long story - first world problems),  so I thought I'd spend an hour or so talking to you about some of the best bakers available to you, if you live in Cardiff and the surrounding areas.

I'm not a huge 'cake' person and I often skip dessert, so to impress me with something I don't often want must mean that they're some top quality sweet treats. Which all of the below are :D

*Post contains 100% of my own imagery, products gifted for review between 2019-2020*

Welsh Picnic Pantry

IG: @WelshPicnicPantry

  • Based in Cardiff
  • DM or email to enquire

WPP make artisan preserves, handmade in the heart of Wales. They also do brownies, scones, baked treats and celebration cakes. The salted caramel and peanut butter brownies - my god!! They’re so decadent, ultra fudgy and rich. The box I tried also contained strawberries covered in a thick white chocolate which were bliss too. Seriously impressed, highly recommend.

Currently doing Valentines specials, I also tried a super sweet, massive cookie (available in different designs!).


  • Based in Cardiff
  • DM or email to enquire

Baking unique, incredible, deep fill cookie cupcakes; Alannah is one of the most talented local bakers I know, with such a strong eye for detail, I always adore the way she decorates things, they always come out looking so classy. The Halloween cookies I tried were full of choc chips, filled with either caramel or nutella and, topped with buttercream. Go on her page and have a look at the Valentines selection, they're just lush! I think she's sold out now but will be keeping some of the designs as staples as they went down so well with customers.

Artisan Baker Cardiff

  • Based in Cyncoed, Cardiff
  • DM, text or email to enquire

Without a doubt the best cupcakes I had last year. I remember eating one gave me a huge craving for cupcakes, went to a local chain patisserie and I was bitterly disappointed eating their's so soon after this one. I was also fortunate enough to have some cupcakes personalised for a blogger social I hosted, everybody loved them...I would one billion percent recommend them if you're looking for cupcakes for a special occasion. They're massive as well!

Emily's Kitchen Bakes

  • Based in Roath, Cardiff
  • Order by Etsy, enquire by Facebook, email or website enquiry form

My friend Sophie was super kind and brought a box of these with us on our trip to Bristol Zoo last year. As you can see the decoration of the brownies is absolutely spot on. I loved the taste and texture of these brownies and her blondies are great too. If you browse Emily's IG or website you'll see she's absolutely spectacular at creating show stopping, bespoke buttercream drip cakes too. One to check out if you're looking for a wedding cake too, the ones I've seen from her look stunning.

Bakes By Cakes

  • Based in Cardiff
  • DM or email to enquire

One of the first local bakers I had the pleasure of sampling sweet treats from, Caitlin's stunning handmade cakes and cupcakes set a high standard for the calibre of bakers we have around here. I tried cupcakes and a victoria sponge with a generous amount of buttercream. It's really worth checking out her page as she can bake really intricate, colourful cakes which would steal the show at a party.

Clares Home Bakes

IG: @clares_home_bakes
  • Based in Newport
  • Enquire by DM or email, more details on website


I recently had a box of treats sent to me from Clare and I will remember this for a long time, thanks to the epic coffee, walnut and caramel cake. I'm trying to cut down but part of me wants to order an entire cake right now, must restrain myself!!! Right up my street because with many other cakes, I'm usually the one weirdo who doesn't eat much because it's too sweet. This cake was the perfect fluffy texture and the amount of sweetness was just right. Clare also specialises in lovely mini welsh cakes, which would be lovely for a party or baby shower!

Photo credit - thank you!!!!

Sueperlicious Bakery  

IG: @superlicious_bakery

  • Based in Cardiff
  • Enquire by DM or use website

Last but not least, if you like wonderfully creative and exciting desserts, you absolutely have to check out Sue! I first tried her pandan salted caramel blondies from the Sunday Riverside Market in Cardiff and I was hooked. Sue brings authentic Malaysian home baking to Cardiff, with baked and steamed treats and desserts such as tarts, cakes and cookies. Give these a try for something a bit different.

So there you have it :) next time you have an occasion coming up or fancy getting an edible gift (or just want to try something new yourself) consider some of the fab bakers we have in Cardiff, rather than getting something boring from a supermarket. Yes, it will cost more - but it's supporting local and it's likely to taste a lot better!


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