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Review: Heathers at the Wales Millennium Centre [Press Invite]

Before Clueless and Mean Girls, there was Heathers, a cynical black comedy which brought to the screen a total subversion of the 'All American High School' often portrayed in teen movies. It quickly acquired an enthusiastic cult fanbase and after watching the show, it's not hard to see how the high-energy musical adaptation has gained a dedicated following of its very own. Heathers is probably the most absurd and chaotic musical I've ever seen. I went in without knowing too much about it (I attempted to watch the film once but it was a long time before studying a film degree -  the layers, satire and smart writing were clearly wasted on me and I only made it half way through!) and was definitely surprised at how dark the themes were throughout. The nihilistic motivations of the main characters don't lead to typical teenage arguments and backstabbing - the stakes are high, with people being murdered in cold blood left right and centre. The show is peppered with songs