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Review: Singin' in the Rain at the Wales Millennium Centre

What a glorious feeling it was indeed stepping out of the theatre after last night's performance of Singin' in the Rain at the Wales Millennium Centre. Humming the songs on our way to the car park, we were still riding the high of that post-musical flutter of excitement, not ready to part with that special feeling of escapism you experience so acutely with a rich production like this one. It struck me that going to see an on-stage production of a legendary film like the 1952 smash hit must be real treat for so many families who have introduced younger generations to it over time and have a connection to it. It just has that lovely, warm quality of having a place in the hearts of people from so many different generations. The musical production, from Director  John Church,  stays faithful to the critically acclaimed original, bringing to life the magic of the Golden Age of cinema, a thoroughly feel-good comfort blanket that will sweep you away into the timelessly glamorous worl

Review: School of Rock at the Wales Millennium Centre

I didn't expect to come out of the theatre raving about this show, but let me tell you I absolutely did! The musical adapatation of the cult family classic School of Rock is a riot of high-octane energy that never dips, side-splitting comedic moments and songs that'll have you strumming your air guitars along with our unlikely hero and his talented troupe of mini rockstars. With a book by Julian Fellowes and music by Andrew Lloyd Webber , something really special has been put together here, reviving the spirit of the original film which translates perfectly to the stage. Our leading man, Dewey Finn, is a lazy, immature slacker, but a thoroughly loveable one who ends up becoming a real force to be reckoned with by the end of the show.  Passionate about music, Dewey's got his heart set on winning the local 'Battle of the Bands' competition. But the reality is he's not even in a band anymore, having been kicked out of his most recent one for 'ruining everythi