Quick Review: Rosa's Thai Cardiff

If you're planning a visit to Cardiff, you need to make sure you hit Church Street as there really are some amazing places on that street now...it just keeps getting better and better! I've got two more places to review coming after this and they're both on the same street. So safe to say it was a great place for Rosa's Thai to choose to open up their first restaurant in Wales. 

I'd missed the launch event and everyone had said fab things, so was really looking forward to finally giving it a try. They offered me a voucher in return for my honest thoughts, thank you, really enjoyed it :) Soooo let's get into it :D


A really low key relaxed vibe! Just what I needed after quite a hectic day. Staff were really nice, can't fault the service. Great place to arrange to meet friends after work where you know it will be busy with a bit of a buzz, but not loud and rowdy and on the other hand not too formal. Could be a good spot for a date. 

FOOD (the details of what we ate & drank is listed at the end!) Menu link: https://www.rosasthaicafe.com/menus 

It was a little dark for photos so sorry about the quality. We started with three starters to share. Chicken satay were really good, lush sauce with a welcome bit of texture, not too sweet, tender chicken, loads of flavour. 

Sweetcorn patties, a popular Thai streetfood snack, tasted homemade, firm/crispy texture with a little sweetness, very nice!! Tons of veggie options here btw guys.

Summer rolls I wasn't too keen on, just found them a little bit boring with noodles and veg inside, they were okay just a little plain so not a favourite, not a dish I'd recommend compared to the other two starters we shared. Nice fragrant chilli dipping sauce. 

Other people I spoke too found the drunken noodles really hot, so bear that in mind if you aren't too good with spice. Personally, I think the curry was a lot spicier so it made them seem kinda mild! They were delicious, and that's coming as someone who isn't the biggest 'noodle person'. Chunky, soft and sticky flat noodles, with a little spice and yeah just super tasty, a super comforting dish. Kept finding myself going back for another mouthful even when I was stuffed. 

I love a thai green curry even if they can sometimes be super spicy, this one is definitely hot but it wasn't too hot for me (so subjective isn't it, how hot people find things...maybe get it as a sharing dish if you aren't sure). Sauce was not too thick, nice amount of creaminess and that tangy, zesty taste that I just love, coupled with aubergines (totally underrated veg) and bamboo shoots, so good!!!


I had this coconut daquiri as my cocktail, it was a nice flavour but I did think presentation was a little plain for £8.45 considering other cocktails around the same price in the local area. Not saying I didn't like it, just wouldn't stick in my mind making me want to rave about it or rush to have it again (I forgot which one Lisa had, sorry, and I didn't try it so couldn't comment).

All in all a really nice meal, would recommend! Add it to your list.


What's in the photos:

CHICKEN SATAY Succulent, lemongrass-scented grilled chicken thigh skewers with Rosa’s peanut dipping sauce

SWEETCORN PATTIES Todmun khaopod Corn kernels fried in a light batter flavoured with kaffir lime leaves & red curry paste until crisp & golden, served with Rosa’s sweet chilli sauce 

FRESH SUMMER ROLLS - Soft sheets of rice paper stuffed with mixed veg, tangy-sweet tamarind sauce & fragrant herbs, served with traditional spicy fragrant chilli sauce& crushed peanuts (V) 250kcal

CHICKEN DRUNKEN NOODLES (also available with minced beef, veg/tofu or king prawns) Fiery & fragrant with Thai basil, lesser galangal & fresh chillies, this spicy noodle dish is traditionally eaten at the end of a big night out. There’s no booze in the dish itself but it’s possibly the best hangover cure in the world

ROSA'S GREEN CURRY (also available with veg/tofu, slow-cooked beef or king prawns) Thailand’s best-loved curry is a bestseller here too. Aubergine, bamboo shoots & sweet basil

COCONUT ISLAND DAIQUIRI - Coconut-Infused Pampero Rum, Coconut Sugar, Lime, Soda Water, Kaffir Lime
Unit D 5-10 Church Street, Cardiff, CF10 1BG

T: 029 2249 9994

Opening Times:

Sun-Thurs 12-10.30pm

Fri-Sat 12-11pm


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